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Double Lion Rubber Rollers

Double Lion rubber roller is a popular brand in Sri Lanka and east Asia. it is capable of mill more than 250 metric tons of paddy per pair. And it has made of high quality NBR & SBR rubber using a high technology coating system. Double Lion Rubber rollers branded as the Chinas Famous brand and many other branding awards along with ISO 9001:2000 quality certification.



Awailable colors



Double Lion/ Gold Supreem Lion

White, Brown

23- 24Kg


Double Lion/ Gold Supreem Lion

White, Brown

25-26 Kg


Double Lion/ Gold Supreem Lion

White, Brown

28-29 Kg


Double Lion/ Gold Supreem Lion

White, Brown

31-32 Kg

FFC Disk Mill

The FFC Disk Mill is designed compactly with a wonderful appearance; it is small in size and light in weight, reliable in operation and easy in maintenance. It has a large range of service and proves to be of high quality in crushing.

Model Power
FFC-15 1.1 KW
FFC-23 3 KW
FFC-37 7 KW
FFC-45 11 KW

Flour Mill

The machine is designed on the base of original flour mils, and according to the needs of customers. We may use it to mill wheat. Sorghum, coffee, cocoa and other particulate things. There are special components to adjust both production flow and space between rollers. So that the machine will be able to work in the best state. And then it will work reliably and consume little power.
Type: 6FY35
POWER (KW): 7.5
N. W (KG): 520KGS

Rice Huller

Medium and small kind of rice hullers . can be used with 6" rubber rollers. Specially made to produce high quality rice out put for small and medium scale mills.


PEM Brand Motors

100% copper , 100% out put original PEM brand motors are awailable form 0.5 KW to 50 KW in single phase and theree phase

SKN Brand Switches and Starters

All sizes of Direct online motore starters , main swithes and panel boards are awailable



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